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Stag 40 years old.

Written by Rob Avis

When Triumph released its new "gentleman's sports tourer" - the Stag - in 1970, the order books quickly overflowed. Waiting lists grew from weeks to months. It was a beautiful convertible with 2+2 seating that came with an optional hardtop that would soon become standard. Those expecting a TR6 eating, fire breathing monster were in for a surprise. It was more gentlemanly than manly. It was more touring than sports. It had more saloon comfort than the loosen your fillings, bone jarring firmness of a TR.

And now it is 40 years old.

And its list of devotees is growing. In England it has the unenviable reputation of most stolen classic car. The engine woes that struck after it was several years old have long been overcome and there is a movement to reinstall the original Stag V8, discarding the Rover 3.5 and saloon 2.5s that ended up under many Stag bonnets. The TSOAQ held a special celebratory club run to Imbil - a deer farm at Borumba. 

Here is the video of the run: If you weren't there, please enjoy the day from the comfort of your computer chair.


Rob Avis.

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Stag 40 years old Robert Avis